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Welcome to WranglerLab, the leading provider of cutting-edge Data Services. Our expert team delivers tailored strategies and actionable insights, empowering businesses and researchers to unlock their data’s true potential. Whether it’s harnessing big data, machine learning, optimizing infrastructure, or making data-driven decisions, partner with us to turn raw information into invaluable assets.

Services we offer

Our team of skilled experts is here to untangle your data mysteries, ensuring its pristine quality through meticulous cleaning, processing, and engineering. With our cutting-edge techniques and refined data modelling, we’ll empower your business with insights that propel you toward success. Embrace the power of data with our top-notch services today!

Data Wrangling

Harness the power of clean and organized data with our expert data cleaning and wrangling services. Drive informed decisions and elevate your business to new heights. Unleash the true potential of your data using our services


Discover data excellence through our comprehensive data quality and validation reports. Unearth hidden insights and ensure accurate decision-making with our meticulous analysis and validation processes. Elevate your data-driven strategies with confidence and propel your business towards unparalleled success.


Empowering researchers from the start, our Data Consulting services provide essential guidance and strategic insights before embarking on data collection. With our expertise in data cleaning, data wrangling, and effective organization, we ensure your research endeavours begin with a strong foundation. Maximize the value of your data collection efforts and gain a competitive edge in your research with our tailored advisory solutions​

Data Science

Embrace the next phase of your research journey with confidence as we delve into data exploration, feature engineering, and cutting-edge machine learning model generation. Our expert guidance ensures you optimize your data's potential, and create robust models that drive impactful outcomes. Elevate your research with our comprehensive data services and unleash the true power of your data-driven discoveries

Research & Development Enablement

Empower your research and development initiatives with our specialized services, designed to build frameworks that enable seamless data exploration. Utilizing advanced data engineering tooling and efficient data pipelines, we streamline the process, transforming raw data into actionable insights. Uncover the full potential of your data-driven research, backed by our expertise in research and development enablement

Data preparation and cleaning is the key to extracting lasting value and resulting in higher-quality features and models.

On call support and continuous feedback

Experience top-tier support with our dedicated team, readily available to address your queries and provide solutions. Utilising cutting-edge Kanban-style software, we ensure seamless project oversight and transparent status updates. Rest assured, our streamlined approach guarantees efficient collaboration and timely delivery, empowering you with the tools to achieve success in every endeavour

Project Management
Open communication
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Video calls

Regular stand-up calls to track projects and milestones (optional)

Specializing in physiological signals​

Unlock the hidden potential of physiological data streams with our expert team which possesses a wealth of education and practical experience in physiology. Specializing in ECG, PPG, and a wide array of data streams, we offer unparalleled insights to fuel your research and innovation. Trust in our seasoned expertise to extract valuable knowledge from complex physiological data, driving groundbreaking discoveries in healthcare, wellness, and beyond

Domain Knowledge
Hands On Experience
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Highly qualified

Includes backgrounds in biochemistry, physiology, sports and exercise science

Data Services team on demand​

Experience the advantages of an on-demand data services team, readily available to support your needs, precisely when you need them. With flexible spin-up options, you gain cost-effectiveness, paying only for the services required. Embrace the power of collaboration as our expert team works seamlessly alongside you to achieve your objectives, unlocking limitless possibilities for data-driven success

Demand vs Reserved

Reserved services with cost saving options

Integrated and automated workflows

Supercharge your data operations with our dedicated data services team, offering end-to-end expertise in designing, implementing, expanding, and maintaining robust data pipelines. Experience the efficiency of rapid data processing, made available to your team through cutting-edge Cloud-based services. Stay ahead of the curve with streamlined data access, empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions at an accelerated pace

High Availability
Cloud Integration
Managing workflows

Creating and managing data pipelines

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Making data globally accessible and available for collaborative efforts with teams around the world for research and development

About Us

Welcome to WranglerLab, where a skilled group with diverse backgrounds in physiology and biochemistry unites to revolutionize the health tech industry. With a proven track record in supporting health startups, we harness our expanding toolkit to propel companies towards unparalleled data capabilities and knowledge. Join forces with us as we pave the way for cutting-edge advancements in health tech and beyond, guided by a shared passion for innovation and growth.

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